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Today, Amazon offered a new feature for its Prime members that may attract some users away from competing services like Apple Music or Spotify. The company also said that it is going to present Prime users with a complete music collection with 100 million songs, compared to the earlier, limited selection of just 2 million songs, and will make the majority of the top-rated podcasts on its site available without commercials. Additionally, the Amazon Music app is receiving an update, and a new “Podcast Previews” feature will enable users to listen to brief excerpts in order to find new podcasts they might enjoy.

What is Amazon Music?

There are plenty of music streaming services available, so it looks obvious that Amazon would include one in its vast collection of offerings. And while Spotify and Apple Music may be more well-known than Amazon Music, you might be pleasantly surprised by its 100 million song library, high-resolution and surround sound options, podcast library, Alexa voice control, and a friendly user interface that makes finding music quite easy.

 Amazon Music

A music streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, and Deezer is comparable to Amazon Music. It includes a collection of more than 100 million songs as well as a huge selection of well-known podcasts that can be streamed or downloaded for offline listening. Similar to its opponents, Amazon Music subscribers may make their own playlists that can be shared and have access to a huge selection of recent and classic music and albums. Additionally, it makes ideas based on your listening preferences for new artists, albums, curated playlists, podcasts, and more to make it simple for you to find enjoyable music to listen to. For those who are audiophiles, Amazon Music offers HD and Ultra HD plan levels for high-resolution lossless music.

Subscription Range

From free to its premium Music Unlimited stage, which can be subscribed for an additional $9 per month on top of an Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Music subscriptions differ in price. However, from September 19, Amazon has stated that this price would increase to $10 per month (more on this below). But each one has its own qualities and advantages. In order to assist you with choosing which Amazon Music plan, if any, is best for you, we will break them all down for you.

 Ways Of Accessing

The platform can be accessed in a variety of ways, including iOS and Android apps, desktop software for Mac and Windows, web browsers, Echo and Fire TV devices, and is easy to use and rich with album artwork and images (drawing more than a few influences from Spotify). Additionally, Amazon Music integrates with Alexa voice control, enabling you to utilize voice commands to skip tracks, stop, or request that something be played.

Free Amazon Music

Its most basic option is the ad-supported Amazon Music Free, which you may use without an Amazon Prime subscription if you’re looking for an entry-level experience to get the floor wet. The basic package, which grants you access to “millions of podcast episodes” and thousands of playlists and stations with commercials playing in between songs, has some limitations (as are most ad-based, free services).

The fact that playing is restricted to just shuffle — meaning you can’t choose which song you want to listen — and that songs aren’t accessible in the lossless HD or Ultra HD versions may be the most aggravating for most people. 

The fact that playing allows you to just shuffle — means you can’t choose which song you want to listen — and that songs aren’t available in the lossless HD or Ultra HD versions may be the most causing for most people. You don’t even need to provide your credit card details; all you need is a basic Amazon account.

Prime Music on Amazon

If you currently have Amazon Prime or are thinking about getting it, Amazon Music Prime is free if you can’t stand ads of the Free version. You receive all the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership, such as same-day delivery and Prime Video, in addition to ad-free access to the 100 million song catalog, podcasts, stations, and playlists. This level also offers downloads, which is advantageous because it only allows playback on one device at a time, unless you’re listening to downloaded music that has been kept on your device.

Access to playlist

With the exception of the “All-Access Playlists,” which you may choose, play, skip, and download at desire, playback of albums, artists, and playlists remains limited to shuffle mode even if you have access to that extended collection (the same 100 million songs as the Unlimited tier, in fact). For Echo devices, where even All-Access Playlists are in shuffle mode, Fire TV, where there is music but no podcasts, and Fire Tablet, where the catalog is constrained and there are no ad-free podcasts, things become even more specialized. You also lose access to HD, Ultra HD, and spatial audio goodness. Having stated that, you might want to think about…

Amazon Music Unlimited

c. The real point of Amazon Music Unlimited, though, is the sound quality, which I’ve hidden here. In addition to the unnamed “millions” of tracks in their highest Ultra HD quality range (24-bit depth and sample rates ranging from 44.1 to 192kHz with an average bitrate 3,730kbps), 100 million songs are available in flawless HD format, which is CD-quality 16-bit/44.1kHz.

Although Music Unlimited’s various plan options (described below) have certain restrictions, overall, it’s a capable music streaming service that should be given some thought.

Amazon Music cost

You may choose from a number of options, including the ad-supported Amazon Music Free and the ad-free Amazon Music Prime, in classic Amazon way.

Free Amazon Music

No purchase of Amazon Prime is necessary, however registration is needed.

Amazon Prime Music

With an Amazon Prime Membership, which costs $15 per month or $139 per year, you may access Amazon Music Prime for free. However, students can currently receive an amazing offer with the regular $15 monthly pricing reduced to $7.49 per month for up to four years, which also grants access to Prime Video, Prime Gaming, and other services.

Unlimited Amazon Music

The best option is Amazon Music Unlimited, which has a variety of membership plans.

  • Individual Music Unlimited Plan
  • Family Music Unlimited Plan
  • Student Music Unlimited Plan
  • Student Music Unlimited Plan

Features and  Discovery

Regular Spotify users will instantly feel at home using the easy-to-use and well-organized Amazon Music interface. The experience is more or less the same across all of them because there aren’t many variations between the desktop and smartphone applications, or the online player, for that matter. The Alexa button that is located at the bottom of the smartphone app and allows you to search for content and manage playing using voice commands is the only feature that is absent from the desktop and online player experiences. Additionally, you may use the “Alexa” summon command to turn this on while the app is active.

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