How Birzha RO works. Guarantor services and bot development.

How the exchange for buying and selling telegram channels works in the most promising messenger of our time: we are trying to figure it out using the example of the Birzha RO platform. The owner Ruslan does not hide behind other people’s photographs and has been openly operating since 2020. In addition, he is the owner of a team of developers of bots for the messenger.

Considering the rapidly growing popularity of telegram channels in the CIS region, Eastern Europe and Asia, many are faced with the question: how can you sell or buy a telegram channel and not be deceived.

The community has more than 40,000 users, and advertisements for buying and selling channels appear daily. All transactions take place under the personal control of the guarantor, who completely eliminates the possibility of deception between the seller and the buyer; it is he who is responsible for the correct execution of the transaction.

The established strong reputation is also confirmed by reviews; hundreds of satisfied customers on a special page write down voice and text satisfied reviews about the service. If you contact the authors of the reviews, they kindly provide correspondence and comments about the past transaction.

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