80s Women’s Fashion

A Nostalgic Journey Through Bold Styles and Vibrant Trends

The 1980s was a decade of notorious fashion patterns that proceeded to impact and motivate the way we dress nowadays. From striking colors to articulation embellishments, 80s women’s fashion was all around self-expression and pushing boundaries. In this article, we’ll take a nostalgic travel through the foremost paramount styles of the time, investigating everything from clothing to extras, and indeed the state of mind that characterized this special period.


The 1980s was a time of social shifts, and design was no special case. It was a decade characterized by bold choices, innovative styles, and an eclectic mix of influences. From the streets to the runways, the 80s brought forth a sense of freedom and individuality that was reflected in the fashion of the time.

Power Dressing: The Rise of Working Women

In the 80s, women embraced power dressing as a way to establish authority and professionalism in the workplace. The trend was characterized by tailored suits with strong shoulders, often accompanied by high-waisted trousers and pencil skirts. These outfits exuded confidence and marked a significant shift in how women were perceived in corporate environments.

Neon and Beyond Colorful Fashion Statements

One of the most striking aspects of 80s fashion was the explosion of neon colors. From neon pink to electric blue, these vibrant hues adorned everything from clothing to accessories. Whether it was a neon belt or a pair of fluorescent sneakers, the 80s were all about making a bold statement through color.

Leg Warmers and Leotards: Aerobics Influence on Fashion

A Fusion of Fitness and Fashion

In the context of the 1980s, the widespread fervor for fitness and exercise revolutionized not only people’s approach to physical well-being but also had a profound impact on the realm of fashion. The emergence of aerobics as a highly popular exercise trend during this era had an unexpected consequence: it influenced mainstream fashion trends in a significant way.

Activewear Beyond the Gym

One of the most emblematic outcomes of this fusion between fitness and fashion was the widespread adoption of previously gym-exclusive attire, namely leg warmers and leotards, into everyday wardrobes. In the past, leg warmers and leotards were primarily associated with the practical attire worn by dancers and gymnasts, or confined to the gymnasiums where exercise routines unfolded. 

However, the fitness craze of the 80s led to a paradigm shift in how these items were perceived. The aerobics boom prompted individuals to seek both physical activity and an active lifestyle, and this newfound enthusiasm naturally extended to their clothing choices.

Punk and New Wave: Rebellion Meets Style

Music genres like punk and new wave had a significant impact on 80s fashion. Leather jackets, torn jeans, and studded accessories were emblematic of the rebellious spirit of the era. Hairstyles became more unconventional, with spiked hair and bold colors making a statement of nonconformity.

Shoulder Pads and Oversized Blazers: Embracing Exaggeration

Exaggeration was the name of the game in 80s fashion. Shoulder pads and oversized blazers were worn to create a powerful and assertive silhouette. These exaggerated proportions symbolized women’s increasing influence in both professional and personal spheres.

Accessorize All the Way: Chunky Jewelry and Scrunchies

Accessories played a pivotal role in 80s fashion, with bold and chunky jewelry stealing the spotlight. Statement necklaces, oversized earrings, and layers of bangles were all the rage. Additionally, the humble scrunchie became a must-have hair accessory, adding a playful touch to any look.

Denim Mania: Acid Wash Jeans and Jean Jackets

Denim underwent a transformation in the 80s, giving rise to acid wash jeans and jean jackets. The bleached and distressed look of acid wash denim added an edgy flair to casual wear.Jean jackets, regularly decorated with patches and pins, were a flexible piece that might be matched with different outfits.

Hairstyles to Remember: Big Hair and Perms

The 80s were an era of hairstyle experimentation and unabashed volume. “Hairstyles to Remember” evokes the unforgettable and distinctive hair trends that defined this vibrant decade.

Big Hair Takes Center Stage

One of the most iconic elements of 80s hairstyles was the concept of “big hair.” Achieving this gravity-defying look required a combination of teasing, generous amounts of hairspray, and sometimes even hair extensions. Women and men alike embraced the art of backcombing and lifting their locks to new heights. 

The result was a visual spectacle of impressive proportions, with hair that seemed to defy the laws of gravity. Big hair not only added physical stature but also embodied a sense of self-assuredness and boldness, aligning perfectly with the era’s penchant for pushing boundaries.

Influential Icons: Madonna, Princess Diana, and Their Impact

Influential women of the 80s, such as Madonna and Princess Diana, left an indelible mark on fashion. Madonna’s provocative style included lace gloves, bustiers, and layered jewelry, while Princess Diana’s elegant and refined outfits set new standards for royalty.

Evening Glamour: Sequins, Velvet, and Glam Rock

Eveningwear in the 80s was all about glamour and extravagance. Sequined dresses, velvet blazers, and bold makeup created a sense of opulence that was synonymous with the era’s nightlife. Glam rock influences also led to metallic fabrics and bold accessories that shimmered under disco lights.

Fashionable Footwear: High-tops and Jelly Shoes

Footwear in the 80s was as diverse as the fashion itself. High-top sneakers gained popularity, thanks to the rise of hip-hop culture. On the other end of the spectrum, jelly shoes, made from colorful PVC, were a fun and quirky choice for casual outings.

Makeup Magic: Bright Colors and Dramatic Looks

Makeup in the 80s was characterized by bold and vibrant colors. Blue eyeshadow, bright blush, and bold lip colors were the norm. The goal was to make a statement, and women experimented fearlessly with makeup to achieve dramatic and eye-catching looks.

The 80s Fashion Legacy: Modern Interpretations

The impact of 80s fashion can still be seen in modern trends. Elements like bold colors, oversized silhouettes, and statement accessories continue to influence designers and fashion enthusiasts today. The 80s legacy lives on through nostalgic revivals on runways and in street style.


The 1980s was a energetic and progressive period within the world of design. It was a time when self-expression knew no bounds, and people grasped intensity with open arms. The mixed styles, from control dressing to neon tints, proceed to motivate us to break the form and celebrate our singularity

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