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Entertainment City Website Great luck! “New Swordsman M” and “Perfect World M” Spring Festival series are limited and happy to run! The Chinese New Year is approaching, in order to welcome the festive season, Aiwan Huanyu’s …

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The cow turns the universe and goes with extraordinary karma! “New Fighter M” and “Amazing World M” Spring Celebration series are restricted and glad to run!

The Chinese New Year is drawing closer, and to invite the bubbly season, iWan Huanyu’s genuine Jin Yong portable game show-stopper “New Fighter M” and the cross-generational MMOPRG versatile game work of art “Wonderful World M” will send off a progression of Spring Celebration restricted exercises . The activity group has arranged a ton of rich gifts to reward the players, introducing the most earnest wishes for the Spring Celebration, welcoming players to have a great time together, with the goal that everybody can partake in the New Year during the constant occasion!

New Year’s gifts are holding nothing back “New Fighter M”, a huge number of red envelopes are hanging tight for you to guarantee!

To invite the new Year of the Bull, there should be no lack of red envelopes to invite promise. “New Fighter M” signs into the game from this point forward, and enter <EASTNO8> to get the “Oriental Powerful Red Envelope”, which incorporates the very charming “Red Crown” and “Jin Yunzhe Style” brimming with Chinese New Year climate. The activity group even gave out “Linghu Chong Red Envelope”, enter <MONEY6666> in the game, and you can get 6,000,000 copper coins! Allow players to be content in the time of the bull, and gain a ton!

In the Spring Celebration period, besides the fact that you sign in to can the game consistently to get different rich and sumptuous gifts, yet the game will likewise send off a restricted action of “New Year’s Assortment of Five Endowments”. Players just have to sign in to the game during the occasion time frame and complete the predetermined undertakings to recover the five endowments red envelopes, red envelopes Restricting yuan of various sums will be given out arbitrarily, and additional prizes, for example, organization red envelopes, plum bloom furniture and other rich virtual fortunes will be given out. To taste the karma of the New Year, come and take part in the occasion to get red envelopes!

The pioneer sends red envelopes! The authority fan bunch Niu Zhuan Xiaoao New Year extraordinary mission is going to begin

Notwithstanding the in-game exercises, the authority fan bunch likewise painstakingly arranged the “Niu Zhuan Xiaoao Lunar New Year Extraordinary” live transmission occasion! 2/8 Bosses should remain with the “New Fighter M” official fan gathering, and watch the live transmission to get an opportunity to win live transmission restricted New Year gift packs and other rich prizes! The activity group is likewise getting ready for the occasion of “Red Envelopes from the Pioneer”, which is to give liberally, giving players different shocks and numerous criticisms! What’s more, on 2/9 there will be a live transmission player enrollment occasion for the “Most grounded Christian Challenge”! For additional intriguing exercises, if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to follow the authority fan gathering of “New Fighter M”!

“Wonderful World M” wishes you another year, sign in and get a super S-class creature picture!

To commend the appearance of the Spring Celebration, “Wonderful World M” is setting up a progression of confined exercises, prepared to permit players to get a full sum in the New Year time, and praise the New Year joyfully! During the occasion time frame, sign in to the game consistently, and you can get the strong “S-level monster figure-Enchantment Crying Nine Children” delivered in the game interestingly. Subsequent to utilizing this monster figure in fight, players can further develop their general battle viability, which extensively affects fights. Players should quickly jump all over the chance to get the super monster map first! Simultaneously, enter <HappyCow> in the game, and you can get a “seven-day fortunate sack” containing 666 ingots, materials expected to redesign orange gear and other sumptuous virtual fortunes. There are likewise rich Spring Celebration restricted exercises, for example, “Adoring the New Year”, “Inviting the Lord of Abundance”, and “Appreciating Lights”, so players can likewise commend the New Year with pack companions and get prizes throughout the Spring Celebration, and welcome the new year together!

Lock on the authority fan gathering of “Amazing World M”, really strong S-level mythical people will be offered in Chinese New Year!

On 2/11 (Thursday) New Year’s Eve, the length of players go to the authority fan gathering of “Wonderful World M” and take part in the “New Year’s Eve Favors – Prosperous Fortune” Spring Celebration series send off occasion, they will get an opportunity to get “Xuanwu Troll”, “Tai Xuan” Super S-level mythical beings, for example, “Soul of God” and “Kunlun Fire Mythical serpent” give players extra characteristic rewards, making the fight more straightforward! Sign in to “Wonderful World M” from 2/10 to 2/16, and you will likewise have the potential chance to get a super S-level mythical being! The fortunate champ will be attracted the “New Year’s Heart Live Streaming” on 2/19! Watch the live transmission to get red envelopes, players should not miss it!

If you have any desire to find out about the most recent advancement and related exercises of “New Fighter M” and “Amazing World M”, you can continuously focus on the authority declarations, fan bunch data and public statements of each game.

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