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Steve Harvey Net Worth (Information)

Have you at any point thought about what Steve Harvey net worth is? Indeed, the TV character is quite possibly of America’s most dearest symbol.

He has The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Fight, Superstar Family Quarrel, and the Miss Universe rivalry (starting around 2015).

In the wake of starting his excursion as a jokester, Steve Harvey’s profession (and net worth) has matured like a fine wine.

With various undertakings as well as a magnetic demeanor, achievement appears to follow Harvey any place he goes.

In any case, how much is Steve Harvey net worth?

All things considered, As of Walk 2023, his net worth is $200 million! Here, we’ll show you how the Hollywood star fabricated his fortune.

Early Life

Broderick Stephen Harvey was brought into the world on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia. His folks were Jesse Harvey, a coal digger, and Eloise Vera.

At the point when Harvey was youthful, he and his family moved to Cleveland, Ohio. Little did Steve Harvey know, at that point, that one day his new road in Ohio would be named “Steve Harvey Way.”

In the wake of moving on from secondary school, he went to Kent State College and West Virginia College. There, he concentrated on correspondences and kept on leveling up his abilities as a jokester.

He was an individual from the Omega Psi Phi Brotherhood however went on forever up graduating.


Steve Harvey has referred to various times the huge monetary battles he looked in his childhood.

For some time, he had no bearing in his life. He went from one occupation to another, basically attempting to earn enough to pay the bills.

Harvey has been a fighter, an autoworker, a protection sales rep, a rug cleaner, and, surprisingly, a postal worker.

Stand-Up Satire

As a matter of fact, it was only after 1985 that he chose to take a shot at stand-up parody at the Hilarities Satire Club.

In any case, even while finding what might ultimately be his obsession, Steve Harvey was destitute for quite a long time. He would rest in his 1976 Portage and shower at corner stores or pools.

Following quite a while of difficult work, Steve Harvey in the end stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime in the Broadcast business.

In the wake of putting as a finalist in the Second Yearly Johnnie Walker Public Satire Search on April 16, 1990, he got the job of host on “It’s Kickoff at the Apollo,” succeeding Imprint Curry in the job.

Now that he at last broke into the business, moving ahead was the only option.

Harvey’s prosperity with standup parody in the long run prompted a featuring job in the ABC show “Me and The Young men” in 1994.


Steve Harvey’s profession started to take off when he started showing up in TV consistently.

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The Steve Harvey Show

His underlying involvement with TV prompted his show, “The Steve Harvey Show,” which broadcasted for a very long time.

The WB network series depended on his stand-up satire and was set in a Chicago secondary school where he played Mentor Steve Hightower.

The show turned out to be incredibly well known, prompting two NAACP Picture Grants for Remarkable Parody Series.

Steve Harvey and Cedric the Performer

Albeit The Steve Harvey Show was well known among the African American population, it never got high basic approval. Nonetheless, it produced the companionship among him and Cedric the Performer.

The pair ultimately happened to co-have the Lords of Satire Visit, which likewise included Bernie Macintosh and D.L. Hughley.

The visit was a gigantic achievement and turned into the most elevated netting satire visit to date in the US.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show

The Steve Harvey Morning Show is a live public broadcast that airs work day mornings from 6:00 am to 10:00 am EST. The show is delivered by Radio One and spotlights on connections, nurturing, marriage, and personal growth.

The show has won various honors, including the Catch Marconi Grant for “Significant Market Character of the Year” in 2009 and 2010.

Family Quarrel and Facilitating Profession

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Steve Harvey presently fills in as the host of “Family Quarrel,” a job he took over in 2010, supplanting John O’Hurley.

At the point when Harvey assumed control over the show, it was a calamity and at risk for being dropped.

Since he became have, Family Fight has consistently positioned among the main 10 most elevated appraised programs in all daytime TV programming and third among game shows (behind Wheel of Fortune and Danger!).

In June 2015, Family Fight outperformed Wheel of Fortune as the most-watched game show on TV and reliably started positioning among the main three game shows in all of TV.


Notwithstanding his radio and TV profession, Steve Harvey has likewise sought after numerous other undertakings.

Steve Harvey Worldwide

In 2014, he sent off Steve Harvey Worldwide, a multi-stage content organization.

The organization makes unique substance across all stages, including television, film, advanced media, and live occasions. In 2015, the organization delivered its most memorable venture with the arrival of “Take on a similar mindset as A Man As well.”

The film netted more than $91 million in the cinematic world and became one of the greatest earning lighthearted comedies ever.

In 2016, the organization likewise created “The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Establishment Occasion,” a dark tie occasion that fund-raises for The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Establishment.

Distributed Books

Steve Harvey has likewise distributed a few books in his distinguished lifetime.

A portion of his prominent titles incorporate “Have a similar outlook as a Man” (2009) and “Bounce: Go out on a limb to Accomplish Your Life of Overflow” (2010).

These books were both transformed into films in 2012 and 2014, separately. Notwithstanding his books, Harvey has likewise delivered a few satire collections.

A portion of these incorporate “Don’t Outing… He Ain’t Through with Me Yet” (1997), “Steve Harvey: The First Rulers of Satire” (2000), and “Steve Harvey… Here Come the Adjudicator” (2008).

The Steve Harvey Assortment

In 2009, he sent off his own apparel line called the “Steve Harvey Assortment.” The line is sold solely at Macy’s and incorporates both easygoing and dressy wear for men.

The Steve Harvey Channel

In 2015, Steve Harvey collaborated with IMG to make another link network called the “Steve Harvey Channel.”

The channel is accessible on DirecTV, AT&T U-stanza, and Comcast. The Steve Harvey Channel includes a blend of syndicated programs, game shows, and reality programming.

Wonderful: Steve Harvey’s Dating Site

In 2016, Steve Harvey sent off his own dating site called “Wonderful.” The site is equipped towards assisting ladies with tracking down Mr. Perfect.

Steve Harvey Net Worth 2023

As of Walk 2023, the net worth of Steve Harvey is $200 million. His fortune comes from his numerous undertakings as well as his TV and facilitating vocation.

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Steve Harvey Compensation

Steve Harvey currently gets compensated a normal of $10 million per year for facilitating Family Quarrel. He likewise makes another $20 million every year for facilitating his public broadcast.

Presently, Steve Harvey is one of the most extravagant jokesters internationally, close by individuals like Kevin Hart, Will Ferrell, and that’s just the beginning.

He as of late begun an organization with the Dark Diversion application PopViewers, adding one more stream of pay to his realm.

Individual Life

Steve Harvey has been hitched multiple times and has seven youngsters.

He was first hitched to Marcia Harvey from 1980 to 1994. The couple had twin little girls, Karli and Brandi, and a child, Broderick Harvey Jr.

Union with Marjorie Extensions Woods

In 1996, he wedded Marjorie Extensions Woods. Several has three youngsters together: Wynton, Morgan, and Broderick Harvey III.

The couple separated in 2005. In 2007, he wedded Marjorie Scaffolds Woods once more. The couple is still attached and living in Texas.

Steve Harvey is likewise a sincere Christian and has spoken transparently about his confidence. He has likewise been an ally of Donald Trump.

In 2020, he was drafted into the Public Radio Lobby of Acclaim.


Steve Harvey is additionally known for his generous work. He is the pioneer behind the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Establishment, which gives grants to oppressed understudies.

He has likewise given cash to different causes, including the Young men and Young ladies Clubs of America, the American Red Cross, and St. Jude Youngsters’ Exploration Emergency clinic.

In 2010, Steve Harvey made the Steve Harvey Tutoring Project for Young fellows, which assists youthful people of color with fostering their abilities and certainty.

The program has guided more than 1,000 young fellows to date.

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Often Clarified some pressing issues (FAQs)

What is Steve Harvey’s 2022 worth?

As of Walk 2023, the net worth of Steve Harvey is $200 million.

What is Steve Harvey’s yearly compensation?

Steve Harvey gets compensated a normal of $10 million per year for facilitating Family Fight. He additionally makes another $20 million every year for facilitating his public broadcast.

How much is Marjorie, Steve Harvey’s better half worth?

Marjorie Scaffolds Woods is worth an expected $50 million.

Key Important points

Since it is now so obvious what Steve Harvey’s net worth is and the way that he constructed it, we should investigate the absolute most significant examples we can take from his excursion.

In the event that You Can See It in Your Brain, You Can Grasp It

Steve Harvey is one of numerous big names and business visionaries who has confidence in “The Mystery,” or the pattern of energy attracting similar energy.

Basically, the Pattern of good following good is the capacity to draw in into our lives anything we are zeroing in on.

The Pattern of energy attracting similar energy utilizes the psyche’s ability to decipher whatever is in our viewpoints and emerge them into the real world.

Steve Harvey has refered to this by itself to be one of the sole reasons he is so effective.

Quit any trace of Something to Get Something

Steve Harvey trusts that to understand your maximum capacity, you should surrender something eventually.

Sometime in the past Steve Harvey was effective yet not satisfied. In particular, during his Lords of Satire Visit, he realized he needed more out of his vocation.

Thus, he hesitantly chose to resign from his standup satire profession. This choice was hard for him, however he wouldn’t have a net worth of $200 million today in the event that he had never made it. Click here

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