An outline of kof mugen rose mary vs samael

kof mugen rose mary vs samael-In this article, we will examine the distinctions between KOF Rose Mary and Samael. KOF Rose Mary is a stalwart person who can undoubtedly bring down most rivals, while Samael is a hazardous rival who can without much of a stretch combo his adversaries to death. We should investigate the vital contrasts between these two characters.

An outline on kof mugen rose mary vs samael

Today we will take a top to bottom glance at the matchup between two of the most famous characters in the Lord of Warriors establishment, Rose Mary and Samael.

Rose Mary is a person that showed up in kof mugen rose mary vs samael. She is a Muay Thai warrior and is known for her staggeringly strong kicks. She is likewise capable in the utilization of blades and is many times seen conveying countless them with the rest of her personal effects.

Samael is a person that showed up in kof mugen rose mary vs samael. He is an evil spirit that was once fixed away by the senior divine beings. He was at last liberated by the ruler of the evil presences and presently looks to obliterate all of creation. And he is a unimaginably strong warrior and is fit for involving various weapons in battle.

The matchup between these two characters is one that has been controversial for a long time. Certain individuals accept that Rose Mary is the prevalent contender, while others accept that Samael is the better warrior.

There is no conclusive response, as the two characters have various benefits and hindrances. In any case, we will endeavor to separate the matchup and see who has the edge in various circumstances of kof mugen rose mary vs samael.

Rose Mary


  • Rose Mary is an exceptionally quick person, and her kicks can be truly challenging to evade.
  • She has various blades that she can use in battle, which gives her a huge benefit nearby other people battle.
  • Rose Mary’s kicks can be extremely strong, and she can do a ton of harm with them.


  • Rose Mary’s punches are not areas of strength for extremely, she comes up short on critical measure of force behind them.
  • She isn’t especially tough, and can be effortlessly wrecked by more grounded assaults.
  • Rose Mary’s kicks can be effectively hindered by taller characters, like Samael.


The Lord of Warriors: Mugen Version is a freeware 2D battling game created by Elecbyte and delivered on July 14, 2003. It depends on The Ruler of Warriors series by SNK Playmore. The game highlights characters from different SNK and battling games, as well as unique characters. Quite possibly of the most famous person in the game is Rose Mary, who is a clone of Kyo Kusanagi.

She is frequently set in opposition to Samael in kof mugen rose mary vs samael, another famous person. The two characters are extraordinarily strong and have many moves and combos. The matchup between them is in every case close, and it is many times said that the victor is the person who commits the primary error.


KOF Mugen Rose Mary vs Samael is a well known Mugen battling game made by Japanese game engineer SNK. The game elements characters from different SNK battling games, including The Lord of Contenders, Lethal Fierceness, and Samurai Shodown. The kof mugen rose mary vs samael was delivered in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, and in 2005 for the Xbox.

The game’s story rotates around Rose Mary, a young lady who is looking for vengeance against the devil Samael. Rose Mary is joined by a cast of different warriors, including Kyo Kusanagi, Terry Bogard, and Mai Shiranui. The game elements various game modes, including a story mode, a versus mode, and a preparation mode.

The kof mugen rose mary vs samael’s designs are bright and itemized, and the person models are very much enlivened. The game’s soundtrack is likewise noteworthy, highlighting a blend of rock, hip-bounce, and techno music.

By and large, kof mugen rose mary vs samael is a tomfoolery and testing battling game that makes certain to satisfy enthusiasts of the class.

The fight

The hotly anticipated fight between Rose Mary and Samael at last occurred. It was a nearby and savage fight, with the two sides doing their absolute best with it. Eventually, Rose Mary arose successful, however at what cost?

The two contenders were battered and wounded toward the fight’s end. Rose Mary had supported a few serious wounds, yet she was all the while standing. Samael, then again, was not all that fortunate. He lay on the ground, still.

The group was quiet as they watched the scene unfurl. Rose Mary had won the fight, yet at what cost? She had supported serious wounds, and Samael was lying on the ground, potentially dead.


The Ruler of Contenders: kof mugen rose mary vs samael is a fan-made game in view of The Lord of Warriors establishment. The game was made by Mugenation and elements two new characters: Rose Mary and Samael.

Rose Mary is a young lady who was stranded early on and taken in by a gathering of desperados. She was raised to be a hoodlum and contender and is a specialist in both. Samael is a devil who was gathered by a gathering of underhanded magicians. He is a strong contender and has various enchanted abilities.

The two characters are set in opposition to one another in a battle until the very end. The champ not entirely settled by who can take out the other warrior first.

The game is played utilizing a standard console and mouse. The player can move their personality around the screen utilizing the WASD keys, and utilize the mouse to go after their adversary. The player can likewise utilize extraordinary assaults by squeezing the Shift key and can hinder foe assaults by squeezing the Spacebar.


KOF Mugen Rosemary vs Samael match pits two of the most famous characters in the series against one another. Mugen Rosemary is a quick and strong warrior, while Samael is a gifted and key contender. Rosemary enjoys the benefit in speed and strength, however Samael enjoys the benefit in flexibility and procedure. Eventually, it will be a nearby battle, however Rosemary will arise as the victor. Click here

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