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VSCO (originally VSCO Cam) is one of the most well-known camera applications for both Android and iOS, despite having only been released recently. Actually, the most recent iterations of VSCO are more than just a programme; they provide a haven for those who share a passion for excellent photos. To better compete with other social media sites, VSCO introduced a friend-search feature in 2014, allowing users to locate one another and then watch a stream curated from the content they’ve uploaded to their own VSCO search accounts.

Users can still fulfil their need for social interaction, even though the app is significantly less social than Instagram. If you’re a regular on VSCO and want to start chatting with other users, you’ll find the instructions you need below.

Explain the procedure of searching in VSCO.

You may be curious about the VSCO app’s “Discover My Buddies” function before you start using it, including how and where it looks for your pals. If you connect your Twitter and VSCO accounts, the former will seek out people you know through Twitter who also use VSCO. The software will see if any of the people already in your phone’s address list also use VSCO if you choose to add pals from your contacts.

Friend-Seek in the Age of VSCO: A Guide

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is touch the symbol in the lower left area of the screen that looks like a circle with a set of vertical lines superimposed over it. Clicking this link will transport you to your VSCO Stream.

Step 2

When viewing your Feed, look to the top left area of the page for a symbol depicting two smiling faces. In order to continue with your vsco search, tap on it.

Step 3

The following page, in the upper right hand area, you will see a large + symbol. If you click it, you’ll be taken to the subsequent set of options.

Step 4

you’ll see a drop-down menu with three choices in the “Discover My Contacts” area.

Choosing¬† “Add from Twitter,” which will then direct you to join in to Twitter (if you have one) and display a catalogue of all your Twitter friends who also have a VSCO account.

A phone number is required if you want to use the “Add from Contacts” choice rather than the first one (which is the default). The VSCO software will then give you a verification number via Text. By entering the verification code, you authorise the app to search your phone’s address list for people who also use VSCO and validate their identities.

In the third and final choice, you can search for an acquaintance by entering their real user name. Of course, you’ll need to know their precise personal name for this to work.


It only takes a few touches on the VSCO software to locate your peers’ profiles. If you choose to do so, your new, customised VSCO stream will be ready in a matter of minutes. I really hope this essay answers your questions and helps you out. Click here

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