Chapter 23: Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years

Among the canon of manga greats, Top Tier Providence stands tall. Black Prohibited King, also known as Han Jue, is the primary character of one of the comics in this series, titled Secretly grow for a thousand years. In an eternal universe, Han Jue has been nurturing and spreading evil as a Dark Prohibited King. An unknown farmer in the land of the eternal. What occurs in Chapter 23 of “Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years”? Find out in this article!

Manga Highest Quality Providence

Top Tier Providence has become one of the most well-known and popular comics stories in the world. There are many exciting episodes in this series. All of the people and events in this show are completely made up and have nothing to do with the actual world. It’s a work of fantasy, so you can expect to enjoy reading it.

The story centres around Han Jue, a hidden grower and disseminator of evil. For nearly a millennium, he has lived and studied in a convent. There is an urban legend that in an eternal universe, Han Jue is the most terrifying and unruly individual there has ever been.

Many of his adversaries in the past have been plagued by him, and they have all ultimately died of horrible, debilitating illnesses. What sets him apart is the mysterious manner in which he cultivates and spreads gloom. However, due to the spells he cast using the Book of Misfortune, he has created many foes.

Young, he was told he had cancer. He was genuinely terrified by the prospect of medical intervention, suffering, and mortality. Back when he was a child, the thought of dying terrified him. This apprehension led him to investigate the possibilities of gardening.

It was built into Han Jue’s genetic code from the start: the ability to throw dice. Every morning before school until he was 11 years old, he would get up and play backgammon. He never got the “godlike growth abilities” side of the coin. Being stubborn and unyielding, he never gave up. Then, finally, one day, he was given the dice he’d always wanted.

Covertly Grow for a Millennium Section 23

Han Jue finishes his thousand years of covert cultivation in chapter 23 of Secretly Cultivate for a Thousand Years. He has now arrived in the Golden Kingdom, where his eternal foes can come to cleanse him of his afflictions. That’s why Han Jue can’t use his gardening skills anymore.

Han Jue endured much suffering over the course of a thousand years. Since he was able to condemn his foes to death, he took on the role of evil. But he also had a child with Xing Hong Xuan, the most influential female in the realms.

For this reason, Han Jue always hoped he would be cured of cancer and spared the agony of chemotherapy. So, for 11 years he threw the dice until one day he got the results he wanted and began farming. However, his time has finally run out.

Han Jue is now afraid that the people of the eternal world will strip him of his abilities. So, he hopes his successors will follow in his footsteps and become his followers so that his methods of growth can continue.


If you’re a lover of the comics and you’re wondering what Han Jue’s existence has been about, we’ve laid it all out for you here. In Top Tier Providence, chapter 23, “secretly nurture for a thousand years,” he plays a pivotal role. It’s commonly agreed that Han Jue is the most handsome guy alive today. His striking amethyst eyes and unassuming good looks make him irresistible.

He’s the type who has a morbid obsession with longevity because he has an extreme aversion to dying. He has spent his whole existence perfecting the techniques of disseminating evil and sowing discord. Having made it his life’s goal to prolong his own life expectancy, he has spent his entire life studying how to propagate evil. Though he has accomplished much, he has also alienated a large number of people.

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