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Peter Artemiev, born in the United States between 1987 and 1991 and originating in the Brighton Beach neighbourhood of Brooklyn, is a professional pilot, entrepreneur, and a well recognised spouse of a famous person. Most people recognise him as Julia Fox’s spouse. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, Julia Fox is a well-known Italian film and stage actress. And it’s important to remember that she became a household name after portraying Julia De Fiore in Uncut Gems.

Julia has, nevertheless, made guest appearances in a plethora of other movies. As was said before, Peter Artemiev, her spouse, is a pilot. Why, therefore, has he suddenly become a media darling? The reason is because Julia posted on Instagram that Peter is a bad parent. She essentially labelled him an absentee drunken parent.

In addition, it has been reported that Kanye West, a famous American rapper, and Julia Fox went on a date in New York City. So, Peter’s biography will be discussed here. You have arrived at the correct location if you are seeking information on Julia Fox’s spouse. Read this post to learn all you must know about him.

Real NamePeter Artemiev
Famous forUS celebrity spouse, pro pilot, and entrepreneur from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, USA
Date of BirthBorn between 1987 to 1991
Age30-34 Years
Profession An entrepreneur from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, USA
BirthplaceBrighton Beach, Brooklyn, USA
Current ResidenceYorkville, Manhattan, US
SchoolBrooklyn University
Nationality American
Net Worth$1-2 million (Approx, but we don’t have any verified source)
Marital Status Married
ParentsMr Artemiev & Mrs Artemiev
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter

An Overview of Peter Artemiev, Husband of Julia Fox

Well, as we’ve established, Peter Artemiev is a well-known pilot and the famous husband of Italian-American actress Julia Fox. It has been reported that he works as a private pilot in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. It’s also important to note that he received his formal flight instruction in the Big Apple.

His sole claim to fame is that he is Julia Fox’s spouse, however. Inquiring minds want to know why Julia called her husband a lousy parent on her Instagram account. The pair reportedly got married in November of 2018. They have great chemistry, despite the fact that he doesn’t work in the entertainment sector.

According to our findings, Peter hails from Brighton Beach. Based on estimates that place his birth year between 1987 and 1991, he will be between the ages of 35 and 31 in 2022. He is about two or three years older than Julia.

Peter was reared in Brooklyn by his loving family, which is interesting information to know. He always wanted to go to the skies, and his ambition to do so began at a young age. That his goal has been accomplished is, of course, a given. He’s developed into a superb private pilot now. He finished his elementary education and enrolled in a nearby high school. After that, Peter enrolled in a well regarded academic institution. Therefore, after much effort, he is now a pilot.

The Peter Artemiev Family Tree

To emphasise, Peter Artemiev comes from an affluent family. There isn’t much we can tell you if you’re curious about his family history. He does, however, come from a Christian home. He is reportedly the oldest of his parents’ children. There is currently no method to determine whether or whether he has any siblings. His dad has a company, while her mom stays at home to raise the kids.

The Works of Peter Artemiev Aspects of Your Private Life

Peter Artemiev’s ancestry has been established, so now we may delve into his private life. All of us are aware that he is the renowned spouse of the well-known Italian-American actress Julia Fox. In the years after his marriage to Julia, he became well known. Uncut Diamonds made Julia a household name. According to the information available, the pair tied the wedding in November of 2018. When exactly the pair met for the first time is unknown.

However, it’s important to remember that in February of 20121, Julia and Peter welcomed their first child into the world. Julia had a son named Valentino that year. But unfortunately, the two had some bad luck after that. A few months later, for example, Julia Fox said on her Instagram account that Artemiev isn’t a good bad.

Before 2021’s Yuletide she used Instagram to provide a few brief updates. Fox has referred to her spouse, Peter Artemiev, in the negative. She said, “Peter is a drug addict,” as well. Wherever you look, he’s there: Lucien, Paul’s, Casablanca, the streets, etc.

Also, she said her spouse abandoned a 5-month-old kid and a dog. Peter, though, gave testimony refuting the charges. Each and every claim, he said, was completely untrue. He continued by saying that he would not say anything further in order to preserve their kid and Julia’s privacy.

Peter’s Vital Statistics

Peter Artemiev is reportedly 5 feet 9 inches tall, according to several sources. His weight is also noteworthy, coming in at around 75 kilos (163.43 lb).

Profession Artemiev’s

In other words, Peter Artemiev is a well-known aviator. He completed his college education and immediately enrolled in a pilot training programme. Artemiev learned to fly with the help of experienced pilots. He has a job in Brooklyn right now. In addition, it’s worth noting that he and his wife, Julia Fox, went to a number of award presentations.

The Works of Peter Artemiev Amount of Money

Peter Artemiev has a respectable salary and proves to be a competent pilot. His job pays rather well. He’s valued between $1 and $2 million in 2022.

These are some of the most important things that you should know about Peter Artemiev.

  • Peter, according to our information, does not maintain any social media profiles.
  • For the most part, he wears his hair long.
  • Reportedly, Julia and Peter have known one other for quite some time.


What follows is a list of commonly asked questions that you should read in light of the information we now have regarding Peter’s life.

How much money does Peter Artemiev have?

Peter is a pilot for a Brooklyn company. This means that in 2022, he will have made between $1 and $2 million.

When Did Peter Become So Old?

No reliable source can provide us a clear answer as to when he was born. Nonetheless, he is just 31–35 years old, according to the rumours.

Is There a Special Reason for Peter’s Notoriety?

Peter Artemiev’s main claim to fame is being the renowned husband of Italian-American actress Julia Fox. Read more…..

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