Femboys: 20 Best Anime Femboys [2023]

Femboys or traps in the anime are guys who have appearance qualities that are more viewed as ladylike.

Some are in parody series where they are hilariously confused with a kid, or others simply really like to dress like a young lady and embrace their female looks.

It doesn’t make any difference in the event that they are femboys or drag queens, they are a tomfoolery and engaging piece of their anime shows.

Best Anime Femboys

20. Hime Arikawa

The fundamental person of Himegoto, Hime, was conceived a kid however is compelled to dress like a young lady. He despises he gets pestered by his colleagues (like anybody would). Nonetheless, he is known to be clearly about how he is dealt with.

Other than that, Hime keeps an ordinary person.

Experiencing an obligation his folks dumped him with, Hime was saved by the understudy board.

Notwithstanding, Hime needs to spruce up like a charming young lady to school to reimburse the understudy chamber! Sadly, Hime will before long figure out he’s by all accounts not the only drag queen!

19. Mariya Shidou

The deuteragonist of Maria†Holic, Mariya is an understudy at an all-young lady Catholic school who is subtly a kid! He is an instinctive, forceful, and decided person who will effectively stay quiet about an orientation!

Mariya had the option to keep his orientation stowed away — until Kanako Miyamae moved to his school.

Expecting to track down her first love at this all-young lady school, Kanako rather winds up getting on the terrible side of Mariya!

18. Yuuta Sasaki

A person from Fingernail skin Criminal investigator Inaba, Yuuta is a drag queen who fills in as Hiroshi Inaba’s secretary.

Yuuta is exceptionally charming and behaves like a younger sibling type, and is known to be extremely warm to the ones he thinks often about. Nonetheless, Yuuta likewise had a mysterious savage and envious side.

Yuuta experiences a daily reality such that half-human delusions live one next to the other with typical people.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t prevent delusions from carrying out wrongdoings and makes it harder for police to find them. That is where analyst Hiroshi Inaba comes in!

17. Rui Ninomiya

One of the primary characters of Gatchaman Groups, Rui, tends to dress in drag as a young lady predominantly to camouflage himself.

At the center of him, Rui is a visionary who sees society exceptionally skeptical and struggles with opening up to individuals.

Rui comes to meet Hajime Ichinose, who is given a little book named NOTE that permits her to change into a Gatchaman — an incredible defender of Tachikawa City!

Their most noteworthy danger: outsiders to need to clear out mankind!

16. Hideri Kanzaki

From Mix S, Hideri is a dressing in drag and pretending house keeper server. Notwithstanding having a modest figure, huge blue-green eyes, and long silver hair, Hideri is a kid.

Longing for turning into an icon, Hideri ditches his folks’ homestead and goes to work at a servant bistro.

He attempts to act female, however he sneaks all through his manly propensities and is known for being exceptionally particular and difficult.

Maika Sakuranomiya goes to work at Bistro Stile to bring in sufficient cash to concentrate abroad.

Regardless of being a sweet and timid young lady, she is frequently mixed up as startling and scaring and needs to play a person that mirrors this.

15. Gasper Vladi

A person from Secondary School DxD New, Gasper is a drag queen who was once half-human, half-vampire until he was transformed into a Villain by Rias Gremory.

With the one of a kind capacity to stop time, Gasper turns into a significant and esteemed colleague.

After his better half homicides Issei Hyoudou, he turns out to be saved by Rias, who brings him back as a Fiend.

In any case, Issei can never return to his typical life — particularly now that he is a worker to the upper-rank Rias!

14. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

From Baka and Test – Gather the Monsters, Hideyoshi is the twin sibling of Yuko and an individual from the school’s Theatrics Club.

Hideyoshi is a piece of a common joke that everybody botches Hideyoshi for a young lady in spite of the extraordinary lengths he goes to in showing that he is a kid!

He frequently stays emotionless and quiet in nature.

Hideyoshi goes to Fumizuki Institute, a novel secondary school that sorts its classes by test results.

All grade An’s in one and grade Fs in another. Hideyoshi and the remainder of the principal cast all end up in Class F — the scummiest of the scummy.

13. Makoto

From Minami-ke, Makoto is a schoolmate of Chiaki Minami. In view of his dainty body and adorable hair style, his companions frequently stunt him into dressing in drag and refer to him as “Mako-chan.”

Makoto battles to concede that he appreciates dressing in drag and makes a delightful young lady!

The Minami family has three sisters, Makoto dear companions with Chiaki Minami. Chiaki is the most youthful and most popular for her harsh tone.

A cut of life series that follows the airheaded Kana, the exuberant Kana, and cheeky Chiaki that all make an exhausting day exceptional!

12. Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa

One of the fundamental characters from Blue Period, Yuka’s orientation is as of now obscure, yet has all the earmarks of being organically a kid, however wants to dress and be tended to as a young lady.

Yuka is a sure, intense, and showy individual who attempts to retaliate their internal nerves.

Yuka is a known schoolmate and companion foe of smartass delinquent Yatora Yaguchi. Effectively carrying on with existence without many purposes, Yatora finds a profound enthusiasm for craftsmanship.

He chooses to take a risk and jumps into the universe of workmanship and is confident of getting into Tokyo College of Expressions.

11. Sousuke Mitsuba

From Latrine bound Hanako-kun, Mitsuba is a nebulous vision who meanders the corridors of Kamome Foundation.

Seeming to be a young lady with a presumptuous demeanor, Mitsuba used to be harassed by his schoolmates and is known for his harsh tone, surly, and sharp character.

While tormenting the school’s cubbies, Mitsuba encounters Kou Minamoto, an exorcist who is enveloped with the “Seven Miracles” in the school brimming with specters.

After gathering Kou, Mitsuba life as a nebulous vision becomes interlaced with Hanako-san, the Seventh of the Seven Miracles.

10. Lio Fotia

The deuteragonist of Promare, Lio, is frequently confused with a young lady for having a slim and short figure, long eyelashes, and molded hair.

Notwithstanding, Lio is Distraught Shine’s solid willed and glad pioneer, a psychological militant gathering that undermines society with its dangerous fire!

Lio before long comes in struggle with new kid on the block fireman Galo Thymos. Regardless of being on inverse sides of society, the mystery of the Shine makes Galo question who the genuine miscreants are: the Polish or his own kin!

9. Aoi Hyoudou

From House keeper Sama! Aoi works at a house keeper bistro and is an expert drag queen where he dresses as a female servant and wears a long blonde hairpiece.

Aoi loves charming things as well as utilizing his charming appearances to deceive and prod men, but at the same time is known for being hot-tempered and loves school.

He is a collaborator close by Misaki Ayuzawa, the “Devil President” at her school.

She realizes her standing would be destroyed in the event that anybody figured out she worked at a house keeper bistro!

Obviously, the one in particular who does is the most famous and sarcastic kid in school: Takumi Usui!

8. Saika Totsuka

A person from My Youngster Sentiment Parody Disaster, Saika, is leader of the Social Club, the school’s “Ruler,” and dear companion of Hachiman Hikigaya.

Notwithstanding, due to his ladylike height and charming face, Saika is frequently confused with a young lady — even by Hachiman!

Despite the fact that he gets irritated when individuals botch his orientation, he is thoughtful, serene, and mindful.

At the point when Hachiman bombs an article, his educator compels him to join the Worker Administration Club!

Hachiman before long winds up got between two young ladies — the school’s excellence with a frigid heart and an effervescent and enthusiastic young lady who is concealing something from him! How might this sentiment parody unwind?

7. Nagisa Shiota

The primary person of Death Homeroom, Nagisa, is frequently confused with a young lady for his female height and short ponytails in his hair. Since his mother maintained that him should be conceived a young lady, she caused him to develop his hair longer.

Nagisa is a quiet, well disposed, and reasonable kid who will in general be tranquil and frequently neglected, however he is an exceptionally gifted understudy.

Nagisa is a piece of the special class 3-E, and they are entrusted with one work: kill their instructor!

In the event that the class can’t kill him, a weird yellow-shaded arm animal, Koro-teacher takes steps to obliterate the moon!

6. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

One of the principal heroes, Kuranosuke, is a person who is known for his ladylike and attractive looks and accepts it by dressing as a gyaru. Whether being a kid or a young lady, Kuranosuke is an ostentatious, sure, and intense person who will successfully help his loved ones.

One night while dressed as a young lady, Kuranosuke meets reserved jellyfish lover Tsukimi Kurashita.

Turning out to be fast companions, Kuranosuke investigates Tsukimi’s drawings and dresses and chooses to assist with making them a reality!

5. Ryoji “Ranka” Fujioka

A supporting person from Ouran Secondary School Host Club, Ryoji, is Haruhi’s dad.

He is an expert drag queen and performer, going by his stage name “Ranka.” Ryoji is a merry and steady dad who attempts to show up for her in the wake of losing her mother.

Ryoji upholds Haruhi when she enlists at Ouran Institute, a rich youngster’s school. In any case, after she coincidentally breaks an extravagant container, Haruhi doesn’t maintain that her father should manage the obligation.

She winds up turning into an individual from the school’s Host Club to repay it.

4. Ritsu Sohma

From Natural products Bushel, Ritsu is a kid who develops out his hair and dresses in female kimonos.

Dressing like a young lady checks his nervousness, yet he experiences self-loathing and is exceptionally terrified and contrite.

Ritsu is one of the Sohma Relatives who are reviled. He transforms into one of the Chinese Zodiacs when embraced by a person of the contrary orientation.

Subsequent to meeting the youthful and bighearted Tohru Honda, the Sohma Family could have trust that the revile can be broken!

3. Felix Argyle

A person from Re:ZERO ~Starting Life in Another World~, Felix is a knight of Crusch Karsten, a possibility for turning into the realm’s new ruler.

Due to his Demi Human blood, Felix has feline like appearances like feline ears and a grin. Notwithstanding being a kid, Felix likes to wear wonderful blue-and-white dresses.

Like Crusch, half-mythical person Emilia additionally is picked as a contender to be Top dog and is helped by Subaru Natsuki. Nobody realizes that Subaru was isekai-ed: bafflingly magically transported to their dreamland!

2. Najimi Osana

A person from Komi Can’t Convey, Najimi’s orientation is as of now obscure, yet has admitted to being both and is frequently alluded to as it is possible that she or he.

Najimi is the perfect inverse of Shouko Komi, being able to draw near to anybody after just momentarily meeting them.

Notwithstanding being an insightful wonder, cohorts accept that Komi is over their head and she is constantly seen alone.

In fact, Komi doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to converse with others and fantasies about making 100 companions!

1. Marulk

From Made in Void, Marulk will in general dress like a female house keeper. He is modest and frequently anxious yet additionally respectful, well disposed, and accommodating.

Marulk stays with his guide in the second layer of the Pit and is as of now a Blue Whistle Delver.

The Pit is a monster gorge loaded with numerous baffling and mysteries. Numerous travelers have gone down into the Chasm to investigate every one of the marvels concealed somewhere down in the earth.

Riko is a little kid who is called to the obscure Chasm. After her mom vanished into the Void, she has for a long time needed to go down after her! Click here

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