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Haruchiyo Akashi is the second time leaper of the series “Tokyo Revengers”. Whenever leaper first is Takemichi Hanagaki. He was otherwise called “Haruchiyo Sanzu”. In this article, I will examine a few fascinating realities about Sanzu.

It has been guaranteed by numerous that Sanzu found out no time like the present travel through seeing either Mikey or Hanma, however it appears to be far-fetched that both of them would uncover this data to an outsider. Sanzu might have set off Mikey or Hanma in another situation, and accordingly, she knows about how time bounces work. Mikey might have the option to do this, however Hanma and Sanzu need more in like manner generally to make one of them the other’s impetus.

A person named Sanzu began to appear in the final part of the Tokyo Revengers story. He didn’t have numerous important appearances while he was an individual from the Tokyo Manji group, however in the last circular segment and the scenes where he joined the Bonten, he became the dominant focal point.

Sanzu’s appearance:

Haruchiyo has long, rose pink hair that is fading fair in the anime. She is of normal level and has down turned eyes with observable eyelashes. He has super durable scars on the edges of his lips and right ear piercings. Eminently, Haruchiyo and Senju Kawaragi, his more youthful sister, have comparative looks. He much of the time sports the Kanto Manji Pack clothing.

Haruchiyo used to dress in the standard posse clothing of the Tokyo Manji Pack and cover his scars with a dark veil. He used to keep his short hair cleared aside and gelled back on the other when he was more youthful. At the point when he initially met Yasuhiro Muto, he had never worn a veil.

Haruchiyo’s pink hair is styled in a mullet that tumbles to his shoulders as a grown-up. He has four piercings in every ear and a tattoo of Bonten on his right lower arm. He dresses officially regularly.

The shade of Haruchiyo’s eyes changes a ton. In spite of the fact that he has dim eyes in the Anime, the Manga highlights portrayals of him with green, blue, and yellow eyes.

Date of Birth:

He was brought into the world on July third, 1990.


He was 16 years of age in 2006, 18 years of age in 2008. As indicated by the current course of events he is 28 years of age.


He is 172 cm tall.

Sanzu’s character:

Haruchiyo is a calm young person who doesn’t talk a lot. He was extraordinarily given to people he adores and follows, and a lot more amiable to them. Later on, it is found that he is very gifted at tricking others and that he is additionally staggeringly manipulative.

Prior to meeting Yasuhiro Muto, he was once alluded to as a wild pony that couldn’t avoid inconvenience. This made controlling him by other posse groups exceptionally testing.

Haruchiyo seems, by all accounts, to be seriously cordial, direct, and noisy as a grown-up. He has psychopathic inclinations and is savage.

The most notable quality of Haruchiyo is his outrageous hero worship of Manjiro Sano. He believes Mikey to be his “ruler” (like the chess lord), and accordingly, is meriting the most noteworthy respect, reliability, and dedication. Sanzu truly wants to shield Mikey or his standing. He went after a pack without anyone else when they were stigmatizing Toman. At the point when Mucho was liberated from guardianship. He likewise went dependent upon him with the sole plan of killing him for treachery for selling out his ruler. He even ventured to such an extreme as to ruthlessly butcher Mucho to the point that main his bones still needed to be found later.

Sanzu’s abilities and capacities:

Haruchiyo has stood firm on different footings all through different pasts and prospects. He is Mikey’s representative. Bonten’s number two, the ongoing bad habit head of the Kanto Manji Posse. Likewise the previous bad habit skipper of the Toman Fifth Divisio. This made him the most impressive individual from the posse away from Mikey.

Haruchiyo has shown to be a gifted warrior. He is habitually portrayed involving a weapon in battle. It was shown that Haruchiyo was sufficiently able to assume the unbelievably strong pair of Ran and Rindo Haitani. He likewise handily crushed Senju Kawaragi, his more youthful sister.She was once viewed as one of the Three Gods, however he added that this was incompletely because of him having care for her. He was seen using a katana to fight Tenjiku’s old hardest rival Kakucho, with himself getting the high ground.

Kin of Sanzu:

Sanzu’s family are Takeomi Akashi and Senju Kawaragi.

Sanzu is connected with the main two Brahmans since Takeomi Akashi is the most established child. Sanzu is the subsequent child, and Senju Kawaragi is the most established girl.

Last considerations:

I uncovered Tokyo Revengers Sanzu’s actual personality in this article’s clarification. The clarification depends on his cooperations with Mucho, Bonten, and the Tokyo Manji group. Sanzu is an individual who genuinely loves Mikey; in contrast to Kisaki. He didn’t move toward Mikey with a dull heart. This is the explanation he immediately kills Mucho’s enemies, despite the fact that he adores him. Click here

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