Sedecordle : What is Sedecordle Game and How to Play It?

Wordle, possessed by the New York Times, has been all around the web for as long as year or something like that. Numerous variations of the riddle game have come up online to profit by the developing frenzy for Wordle, like Duordle, Quordle, Crossword, and so on. As of late, Wordle players love Sedecordle-a Wordle side project that challenges your statement speculating abilities with different words to figure in a solitary set. We should know how to play Sedecordle.

What is Sedecordle?

Sedecordle allows you to settle 16 secretive 5-letter words. These words are concealed in the screen’s network. In this way, every letter you surmise will apply to all words and assist you with speculating every one of the words in like manner.

Thus, assuming that you are attempting to address single word and apply your brain to it, you could wind up opening the pieces of information to the next 15 words. You get a sum of 21 attempts to figure every one of the 16 words. A few letters will be turned gray out as the game advances on the grounds that these letters are mistaken. In this way, you will be confined from utilizing these words in the future.

What makes it not the same as Wordle?

The essential distinction among Wordle and Sedecordle is the quantity of words you need to figure and the quantity of attempts you get to break them.

Notwithstanding, Sedecordle additionally gives you the Free mode, in which you can get to limitless riddles and play however much you need. Then again, Wordle doesn’t permit you to replay past games or attempt more riddles.

When you settle on a 5-word puzzle for the afternoon, you can’t track down additional riddles to tackle. Thus, to challenge your assertion speculating abilities, then, at that point, Sedecordle is the game to play.

Where to play Sedecordle?

This is the most awesome aspect. You don’t need to download an application from the Playstore/Appstore. Basically take a look at their authority site The site chips away at the two work areas and cell phones. Thus, you can likewise pick your preferred gadget.

How to play Sedecordle?

It is basic, really like some other Wordle game.

When you open Sedecordle in your program, two choices will set up: Day to day Sedecordle and Free Sedecordle. You can pick Everyday Sedecordle if you have any desire to play the day to day puzzle with sixteen 5-letter words. You really want in any case, assuming limitless riddles and some training with the words, then you ought to pick Free Sedecordle.

Rules of the game

• Sixteen 5-letter words to figure per challenge.

• 21 attempts for each test.

• Accurately speculated letters will become green.

• Letters that are accurately speculated yet are put in some unacceptable positions will become yellow.

• Erroneously speculated letters will become dim.

• Non-satisfactory words will become red.

How to become the best at playing Sedecordle?

There are puzzle numbers on the highest point of the screen. Each number is for a secretive word that you need to figure. At the point when you settle the relating word puzzle, the number will become green. You can leap to various riddles by tapping on the relating number.

Use vowels toward the beginning. The majority of the words in the English language use somewhere around one vowel. A few words utilize even a few vowels, and when you surmise a couple of letters, breaking the word could turn into a cakewalk.

You have just 21 attempts. Thus, continue to actually take a look at the yellow and green words. Attempt to sort the various letters out and consider the potential words that can be shaped to break the right words.

Fixing the bugs while playing Sedecordle

Like any remaining games, Sedecordle additionally has errors and bugs. In the event that you can’t play the game appropriately, it could be because of some shortcoming on your end, and you can determine it effectively with a couple of tips-

Really look at your web association:

This is the issue that is typically at the base, everything being equal. We suggest that you actually take a look at your web association. 9 out of multiple times, a feeble web association isn’t allowing you to play the game.

Utilize another organization:

It is very conceivable that your ISP has hindered the site. However, that ought not be a reason for stress. You can switch your Wireless association or interface with your portable information, and you are all set.

Really take a look at your firewall:

Assuming you have a programmed firewall administrator enacted on your program, it could be impeding Sedecordle. We encourage you to incapacitate it with the goal that you can get down to tackling a few testing puzzles.

Clear reserve to play Sedecordle:

Clearing the program store for will assist you with moving past extra information that might be upsetting your admittance to the game.

Debilitate VPN:

VPN is an extraordinary instrument on your gadget and assists you with getting to sites namelessly. Notwithstanding, it might set a district for you that blocks and keeps you from playing your #1 game. In this way, have a go at deactivating your VPN, and perhaps you can get to the game once more.

Take it easy:

Alright, so you have taken a stab at everything, except the game just doesn’t appear to work. Indeed, sit back and relax. Maybe, all is well on your end, yet the site isn’t working as expected. In this way, you simply need to hang tight for a couple of hours and attempt once more to check whether it has begun working once more.


In the event that you love Wordle puzzles, Sedecordle is the game to play. Yet, it isn’t for the timid. It is the most difficult game that you will get with regards to word puzzles. Along these lines, assuming that you are somebody who loves moving riddles and need to address a large number of them in one go, Sedecordle is what you ought to play.

Along these lines, that is supportive of today. Assuming you have any questions on the most proficient method to play Sedecordle, go ahead and remark down beneath. For additional updates, follow GetDroidTips! Click here

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