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Ready to learn the best baccarat strategies to improve your odds and grow your money even more?

Baccarat is one of the most iconic yet simple casino games in the world. How a card game with only 3 betting options, pays 1 to 1, and no skill involved became so popular is a mystery, but here we are!

So how can baccarat strategy be possible if the game is all about luck? Baccarat may be a card game like blackjack, but it has more in common with roulette. Like roulette, the skill is not in how the hands are played, but in what bet to choose and how much to bet.

Before you can learn the best baccarat strategies, you first need to know how to play. Now that we’ve talked about how to play baccarat, here’s a quick recap.

How to play Baccarat

On its face, baccarat is one of the simplest card games. The game is basically 2 hands of cards, both dealt by the dealer, with each hand ending in 60 seconds (sometimes just seconds!).

Here are all the basic rules you need to play baccarat:

  • Bet on Player, Banker or Tie
  • Player and Banker each have 2 cards
  • The hand with a total score closer to 9 wins

Baccarat hands are scored in the usual way (for example, you ignore the first number that totals 10 or more), and the game is played as the rules dictate when the banker and player hands are drawn. 3rd Aspect card is more complicated.

Now let’s get into the smartest baccarat strategy, starting with how to avoid the biggest “mistakes” baccarat beginners can make.

Strategy #1: Skip the tie and bet the dealer

Baccarat has 3 bets, but not equal. The banker’s cards have a slightly higher chance of winning than the player’s because of the order in which the cards are played and the rules for how the banker plays the cards once they know the player’s cards .

Since the dealer wins slightly, the odds are 5% lower. This is sometimes called ‘1 for 1 with 5% rake’ but it means the same thing whether you call it 19/20 or 95p £1 return on the bet.

As you can see, the house edge for the banker and player bets is about the same, varying by a few 1/10ths of a percentage point. But the house edge on the tie is huge!

You’ll only see once in every 10 hands on average, but when you do, you’re paying 8 to 1 odds. This explains why the house edge is so good, and why if you want to get the best bang for your buck when playing baccarat, you should completely change the tie bet and focus on the banker or the player.

With a house edge of just 1% on both banker and player bets, baccarat is one of the best value odds you’ll find in a casino.

Strategy #2: Ignore Trends and Patterns

Gamblers like to see meaningful meaning in a pattern of outcomes when in reality the outcomes are just random. Casinos are also happy to help players find patterns to take advantage of.

Play baccarat online in the Philippines. When you play baccarat on the Lucky Cola online site, Lucky Cola provides you with a set of analysis tools that you can use to help you analyze recent results and predict what will happen next. Not all online sites provide players with review tools.

I was surprised, but not entirely surprised, that many baccarat strategy guides proudly advise you to switch from player to banker and vice versa when a hand is “winning and you think it’s about to change”.

The truth about hot and cold outcomes, whether it’s red in roulette or the dealer in baccarat, what you actually see is a normal variation of what you might expect in a game of chance.

Where luck and randomness are involved, you’ll be surprised at the variety and seemingly incredible results.

There’s an old disclaimer in the investing world that goes like this: Past results are not indicative of future performance. For baccarat, the same applies.

The history of the game of baccarat has no connection whatsoever with what will happen in the future. Your chances of using your last 100 baccarat hands to predict the outcome of future hands are exactly zero.

Some people try to add some legitimacy to their baccarat strategy with things like “reversion to the mean”.

That is, if you have red for a long time, for example, the result should return to the mean (50% red, 50% black, ignoring the green zeros), making black more likely in later games .

I won’t bore you with the details, but the point is that reversion won’t work for small sample sizes in gambling, otherwise everyone will use it to win.

So at the end of the day – each baccarat hand is a completely new game in its own right. Same odds, same randomness, same impossible to predict how the player, banker or tie will work.

Now that I’m not a robot anymore, I can’t help but be superstitious when I see a dealer win 7 games in a row. But the strange thing is, my reaction and yours can be completely opposite. You may think that the dealer is hot, so you should stay on trend.

Strategy #3: Find Baccarat Bonuses and Rewards

When a game is 100% luck and 0% skill, the smartest move – once you settle on a bet with the smallest house edge – is to find a casino where you can get extra money or reward just for playing.

Baccarat bonuses may sound enticing and “free money,” but they are often filled with sneaky small print that makes it nearly impossible to make money.

Wagering requirements are a classic tactic, but fortunately, online casino Philippines Lucky Cola is one of the few casinos that does not involve wagering rules or any other hidden conditions. But sign up and other casino bonuses can be useful, just check the terms before accepting.

Even if you find a good offer, don’t expect to get rich from baccarat bonuses or so-called “bonus points”. Why? Apart from the obvious fact that casinos don’t just give out free money, baccarat is not a big win in the casino because the RTP (Return to Player, or the inverse of the house edge) is very high.

Baccarat players enjoy 99% RTP. On average, the dealer keeps 1% and the player keeps 99% of the bet.

These numbers are “theoretical average returns” over very large sample sizes, but you generally see fairly steady returns (or losses, actually) in large enough samples.

The 1% house edge is so small that casinos cannot offer decent cashback, even compared to slot machines. But, despite this, it’s wise for players to find a casino where they can earn extra money, whether it’s free tea and coffee, or small amounts of cash back over time.

You might get a free baccarat hand every 200 times you play. It’s small, but better than nothing.

At Lucky Cola, baccarat players earn cash back on every bet they place, win or lose. No strings attached – it’s real money in real time, with no wagering requirements.

If you only play a few hands or have low stakes, it doesn’t matter where you play – you won’t really benefit from the perks of baccarat. But if you are a regular player or above, every bit counts.

Strategy #4: Baccarat Betting Strategy

Like black or red in roulette, baccarat is an “even money” game, so you actually flip a coin. This makes baccarat a good candidate for a betting strategy, and there are many to choose from.

The most popular is of course the Martingale strategy, an old and frankly disastrous model where when you lose, you double the size of your bet and keep going until you win.

I’ve reviewed the Martingale system in more detail elsewhere, so for now, I’d say it’s the easiest way to lose all your chips.

When entering a game of baccarat, no one thinks that they will lose 6 or 7 in a row, but it will happen eventually, and if you double your bet every hand, your losses will be huge.

I prefer aggressive progressive baccarat strategies like Paroli, where you only increase your bet when you win, and try to get 3 wins in a row before breaking even. But ultimately each player must find a betting strategy that suits their own risk profile and goals.

Or maybe you prefer a more flexible system like d’Alembert or Reverse d’Alembert, where you can continuously increase and decrease the size of your bet based on the outcome of the previous hand.

Do you want to gamble and win big? Then baccarat may not be for you. Want to continue your winning streak and hit it big? Or do you just want to gamble and keep things calm and simple?

There is no right answer, I suggest you practice some of the most common low-stakes baccarat betting strategies and see how they feel.

Strategy #5: Practice Free or Low Stakes

There is no better way to learn how to play baccarat than through hands-on experience. Baccarat may have a reputation as the game of choice for high rollers, but the great thing about playing online is that anyone can experience this iconic game.

If you can find a free baccarat table, fill your boots, although they are few and far between these days. Baccarat tables in live casinos are usually full and have relatively high minimum bets. But you can play baccarat online and learn the game with almost no risk, as long as you play with minimum bets.

Thanks to Pragmatic Play, you can play baccarat for 20p per hand at Lucky Cola. We also have baccarat tables from Playtech with a minimum stake of 50p and more from Evolution Gaming.

Another benefit of baccarat for beginners is the extremely low volatility of the game. Because the odds are 1 to 1, baccarat betting is similar to blackjack – you usually win as many hands as you lose. So even a small bankroll can go a long way when you learn to play at low stakes.

Strategy #6: Money Management

This brings us well to money management. I don’t just mean your gaming budget, although we take that into consideration as well.

Whether you play baccarat, roulette, online slots, or sports betting, bankroll management is an important part of playing smarter. You can’t win if you run out of money, so it’s important to know how to adjust your stack and personal bet size if you want to stay in the game.

The best financial strategy for playing baccarat is to first know how much you are willing to spend. Only you know what that number is, but it all depends on how much money you have in your life, how experienced you are as a gambler and how long you intend to play.

For example, (assuming they use the same bet size) a player who wants to bet on single numbers in online roulette will need a larger bankroll than someone who, like the dealer, is playing low baccarat odds bets. Why?

Bets with lower odds have higher odds, meaning they are more likely to happen. This is what we call variance or volatility.

On the one hand, you have a baccarat bet with 1-to-1 odds and a 50% win rate. At the other end of the spectrum, roulette numbers pay 35 to 1, about a 3% chance of winning.

Imagine what would happen to your chip stack if you were a baccarat player versus a roulette player. Roulette players’ stacks will rise and fall unpredictably, with occasional big wins.

Because its baccarat payouts are lower, baccarat players will continue to win and lose money, so their chips should vary from their starting value (assuming you bet the same each time and there are 100 bets of one or more that can be played).

That’s not to say you can’t experience a winning streak (for example, winning or losing 5 or more in a row) – if you flip a coin, you will, and so does baccarat.

But in a low variance game like baccarat, you can level 5% or even 10% of your stack and probably survive for hours without having to reload your bankroll.

When it comes to bankroll management, the goal of the baccarat game is to pick a reasonable bankroll and never bet more than a portion of the bankroll on either side.

Strategy #7: Proceed with caution

Like any casino game, baccarat is a combination of risk and reward. Although your betting options are very limited, this is a fast, furious and exciting game.

It’s also easy to lose track of when and how much you’re spending, especially when you’re playing mini baccarat. Therefore, the smartest thing you can do when playing baccarat is to follow safer gambling advice to manage your game safely.

Avoid playing when you are sad, tired, or in a bad mood. Explore tools like deposit limits and time reminders to help keep track of the time and money you spend. Best of all, only bet money you’re happy to lose so you can keep the fun.

Baccarat Strategy Summary

As you can see, most of the strategies behind baccarat apply to almost any game you play in an online casino.

The basic skills you learn when you master the game apply throughout gambling and life. In baccarat, the most important skills after knowing the rules are determining the best bet, making a betting plan and sticking to your strategy.

Baccarat is fast-moving and full of wins and losses, so it’s important to stay awake and in the game if you want to stay one step ahead.

After reading this article, have you learned all the strategies above?

If you want to try these techniques right away, the author here recommends you a quality online casino site in the Philippines: Lucky Cola. At the Lucky Cola online website, there are many types of games, not only baccarat, but also roulette, blackjack, live video games, and thousands of slot machines for you to choose from. Do not think any more, register now to get bonus points , and there are many promotional activities.

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