GPO map — Fabulous Piece Online guides update January 2023

GPO: Look at the lay of the land with this total Fantastic Piece Online guide and areas guide.

Fabulous Piece Online is the web based nautical Roblox game propelled by the One Piece anime and manga series. GPO gives players free rule to investigate a miracle filled waterworld that ought to be intimately acquainted to the individuals who follow the undertakings of Luffy and his ragtag team.

Obviously, cruising the high oceans is much more fun when you know where you’re going! In this aide, we’ll show you the whole GPO map, including full guides of both ocean areas. Knowing where every one of the islands are will permit you to set a reasonable objective and travel with reason. So tie on your number one eyepatch and we should make a plunge, will we?

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Terrific Piece Online guides

The overworld of Fantastic Piece online is isolated into two principal districts: the Primary Ocean (otherwise called the Ocean of Phoeyu) and the Subsequent Ocean (or the New World). Underneath, you’ll track down maps for the two locales, as well as a full rundown of their islands, the suggested level you ought to be at while visiting them, and what things you can track down there.

Moreover, we’ll discuss Skypiea (Place that is known for the Sky), which is the biggest possessed zone in the Principal Ocean.

First Ocean map (Ocean of Phoeyu)

Island NameRecommended LevelBuyable ItemsDroppable Items
Arlong Park70+Kiribachi (5%)
Baratie40+Black Leg
Coco IslandAnyDisable Jambe,
Geppo Trainer
Fishman CaveAnyBubble
Fishman ColosseumAny
Fishman Island190+Fishman Karate
Gravito’s Fort160+Hoverboard (1%), Gravito’s Cape (5%), Gravity Blade (5%)
Island of Zou30+Mink Combat
(Electric Fighting Style)
Carrot (50%)
Kori Island80+Busoshoku Haki
Land of the Sky (Skypiea)105+Kenbunshoku Haki,
Click here to see the full list in the Skypiea section of this guide.
Marine Base G-1240+Marine Captain’s Cape (5%), Captain Zhen’s Cape (5%), Bisento (1%)
Marine Fort F-1Any
Mysterious CliffAnyRokushiki
Neptune’s Throne230+Neptune’s Trident (1%), Neptune’s Crown (5%)
Orange Town50+Buggy Cape (10%)
Reverse Mountain345+Eternal Pose
Roca IslandAnyOne-Sword-Style,
Ryu’s Palace210+Shark Necklace (5%), Ryu’s Blade (5%)
Sandora10+Bazooka (25%)
Sea Serpent (Rough Waters)200+Sea Serpent’s Core (1%), Slayer’s Armor Set (1%), Seabeast Katana (5%), Slayer’s Mask (1%), Random Fruit (3%)
Shell’s Town20+Galleon, Hammer,
Metal Jaw (25%)
Sphinx Island65+Gorilla King Crown (5%)
Town of BeginningsAnyRowboat, Caravel,
Den Den Mushi, Potions, Wooden Plank, Hammer, Cannon Balls, Wooden Shovel, Shotgun Cannon Balls, Pistol, Rifle
Eye Patch (50%)
??? Shrine325+Word Scroll

Second Ocean map (New World)

The Subsequent Ocean is opened by opening the entryways on Invert Mountain.

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