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What is Grease Bags’ total assets?


Each extravagant business thought begins some place, and for LaTangela Newsome, it began in the kitchen.

The previous entertainer, creator, and mother was putting her family-on the map seared chicken when — for the 100th time — she contemplated whether there could be a superior method for discarding cooking oil.

Everybody knows not to dump it straight, correct?

Cooking oil ties together and causes blockages — in the channel of your kitchen, yet sometime later, as well.

LaTangela had struggled with different strategies for oil removal — like cleaning everything up with a roll of paper towel or allowing it to cool and scratching it into an oil tin.

She’d had a go at emptying it straight into the fertilizer, as well, yet these strategies were not generally quick, helpful, or clean.

Also, this is the way the thought for Grease Bags was conceived.

From a bombed Kickstarter mission to an effective pitch on Shark Tank, we have every one of the insights concerning Oil Sacks’ ascent to the top.

What is Grease Bags?

Grease Bags is a virtuoso little development — a harmless to the ecosystem, 100 percent compostable, safe, non-destructive sack that assists everybody at home with disposing of extra cooking oils, oil, and fats.

These clever packs are produced using profoundly spongy normal strands to assist them with separating in fertilizer quick, and kill how much stopping up, and harm making oil end up in channels, streams, and sewers all over the place.

Who established Grease Bags?

At the point when Texas local LaTangela Newsome established Oil Sacks, she was a single parent, and writer of the counter tormenting book Military Bratz — which she wrote with her mother.

She was likewise a previous kid star, having showed up in the 2001-2002 Nickelodeon youngster sitcom, Taina, as Maritza.

LaTangela is likewise a vocalist and essayist and had maintained a few sources of income with an end goal to help her developing child, Souljah.

An Excursion to the Top

LaTangela worked indefatigably to foster her thought for Grease Bags, testing materials and doing the exploration to make an economical, compostable, earth safe item.

In any case, she actually required cash — something which was generally hard to come by for the independent mother.

She sent off a Kickstarter crusade in 2016 to raise $25,000, yet it missed the mark concerning its objective with just $75.

Not one to surrender, Newsome attempted once more.

She sent off a gathering pledges crusade through expecting to raise $30,000. This likewise didn’t verge on arriving at its objective.

Into the Shark Tank

Not at all like the majority of the keen business visionaries that enter the Shark Tank with dreams of startup capital, Newsome didn’t have that long to get ready.

At home in Allen, Texas, she caught wind of a projecting call close by and hustled down to try out.

“I wasn’t ready. I remained there for quite a long time and hours, yet it was definitely justified.”

LaTangela at last got to introduce her pitch on season 8, episode 13 of the hit ABC show.

She was requesting $75,000 and offering a 25% stake in Greasin return.

Never one to botch an open door, Newsome appeared prepared to do her absolute best with it.

She conveyed an immaculate show, sold her item well, and executed a consistent exhibit of the Oil Sack in real life, demonstrating the way that it can totally different oil from water.

It most likely didn’t hurt that LaTangela tossed in a portion of her well known chicken wings to add to the arrangement.

The Sharks were dazzled, yet — as usual — they had to know more.

Newsome had the figures the Sharks required, however her item is still in the model/creation period of its life cycle.

There was just a single blemish — Oil Sacks can’t take hot cooking fat, since they are not heat-tempered.

In a predicament, they can’t be heat-tempered, or they will as of now not be compostable.

Barbara Corcoran, Imprint Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, and Robert Herjavec all declined — however all note that her show was “fantastic.”

Corcoran has a shift in perspective, rehashing the figures with Newsome.

She ultimately proposes a counter-deal of $75,000 for half value in the business — relying on the prerequisite that LaTangela drops the retail cost from $12.99 to $6.99.

Newsome sorrowfully concurs, and says thanks to Corcoran for the potential chance to work with her. Click here

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Grease Bags – Total assets

Grease Bags come upon a difficult time soon after the show circulated, with Corcoran pulling out her proposal after expected level of effort.

It worked out that Oil Sacks’ creation costs were excessively high to respect the retail cost decrease Corcoran had specified.

Similarly as with all organizations that show up on the hit show, Oil Sacks saw a top in deals and utilized her own cash to pay for provisions.

Tragically, she hit rock bottom financially to cover transporting on pre-orders.

This, thus, prompted unfortunate client assistance audits.

Toward the finish of 2021, Newsome had made something happen once more and restored some balance in the organization.

The item retails for $13.99 in 2022, and is accessible through the authority site.

Hence, Oil Sacks has an expected worth of $700,000.

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